Summit Yoyo Holders


Store is here.


Excited to see a new product :slight_smile:




When will they become available?


I am not sure yet the things we bought have already been ordered but everything needs to get here so we can make them and have cards. You can check out our site at

(Bína) #6

Is your company somehow connected with Spin Dynamics and their yo-yo Smooth Move or you just pick up same name on accident?


I was thinking the same thing :confused:


What is your favorite yoyo? I have an Idea for you


the spyy addiction


I was talking to zippo ninja also what is your favorite color?


Oh sorry, didn’t mean to intrude


its okay I now know what to do for your birthday whenever that comes


its okay I now know what to do for your birthday whenever that comes


Wait who is this directed at? D:


Right now my favorite yoyo is the duncan raptor, my favorite color is orange and we just chose the name it has no connection to the smooth move yoyo.


It might be better for you to change the name as this will become very confusing to people down the road… Just a thought. Do what you think is best thought. Also, best of luck :slight_smile:


I agree. A yo-yo model and a yo-yo company with the same name is quite confusing. People will associate the yo-yo with your company and vice versa, which is not a fair association for either business or for the potential customers. Also, even if Spin Dynamics had no Trademark for Smooth Move, they would trump you as “first in time” using the name for yo-yo related business or product. We applaud your efforts, but would hate to see you get going and run into a problem later over the name. A better name is one no one else is using for yo-yo related business or product. Good luck with everything. :slight_smile:


What does it look like?


We are now Summit Yoyoing and will soon be selling Summit Yoyo Holders.


We have not produced any yet.