Summit Yoyo Holder!


Here is another one of my “Paco’s Tacos” reviews! Today it is on the Summit Yoyo holder.

This thing is made from paracord which is known to be EXTREMELY durable. Mine is Blue white and grey which looks freakishly amazing. I used to never use a holder until i got this one.

Here are some Pros and Cons

Made with Paracord(screams sexiness)
Compliments the yoyo
can fit large 1a throws
Price($10 with free shipping to lower 48 states)

Clip it comes with seems a little cheap(all holders i have do, not just this one)
not small yoyo freindly

You can clearly see that the pros out-weigh the cons. To my knowledge these come in the color i have and OD green camo. This is one heck of a holder and it has a $10 price tag with free shipping!

To buy one( or five for the heck of it!), contact zipponinja today!


Yes contact me. Also they come in the color you have (Icy Mountain) A camo like color (Desert Sand) and a silver color (Ice Cap). See,49833.0.html for pictures.

Icy Mountain-blue, white, gray, and black

Desert Sand-silver, beige, and green

Ice Cap-white, silver, gray, and black