Summit or chik?

I have a summit, and recently ordered a second one. I do fast tricks at times and the summit seems to lose spin quickly on them, and at all times. I’m now slowly becoming disappointed with my decision of buying a second one; it just doesn’t really seem to match my play style. Also, I would like a yoyo that is great for horizontal. Is it worth it to pay shipping to get it back to Canada and get two chiks?? Also, does anyone know about how much that would cost me. Should I give it a little more time to see if it really would be good for me?

If you like fast aggressive play with great horizontals, look no further than the Chik.

I think that I have decided to stay with the summit. It is a really nice yoyo. It feels fun and competition ready.

You’ll be very happy with it then. It’s my current favorite as well :slight_smile: