STYY Lotus review

I got a lotus in the mail a few weeks ago. Since then I’ve gotten quite a few yoyos(I’ve been on a bit of a collecting spree), and I always end up reaching for my Lotus. So I decided to post my thoughts on it, especially since I’ve only seen one review on the internets. So here goes.

The lotus is a midsized throw, roughly the same size as a skywalker. However it seems to lean to the more undersized end of the spectrum, in part because of its shape. It is angular, yet curved. Very organic and comfortable to hold. The finish is somewhat rough(I have a beadblasted one), kinda in between a candyblast and a sodablast in feel, if that makes any sense. Rough, yet smooth as well. But it grinds amazingly, so this is somewhat moot unless you’re neurotic about texture. Aesthetically, the laser engraving is tasteful, muted, and elegant. I don’t like yoyos that are covered in engravings, so its nice to find one with a sense of artistic sensibility.

On the throw it’s pretty darn smooth. Performs excellently with the stock bearing(terrapin treated) or a center track. There isn’t tons of rim weight, which is rare in today’s market. However I’ve found the lotus to have totally respectable spin times, and the balanced weight seems to give it a unique feel. It’s not particularly floaty, but it doesnt feel super solid either. It has a somewhat powerful feel to it, which is interesting because of the lighter weight(64.4 gms). I never thought it played particularly light, so don’t let the weight deter you. Binds are very tight, and it’s pretty darn stable as well.
The matador spikes are fairly sharp, which make pull starts and horizontal spins a breeze.

All in all, the lotus is an excellent performer. And as the first STYY throw I’ve owned, it’s made an excellent 1st impression. I think I may hafta pick up a BB’d orion next.