Sturm-Panzer Eclipse Ogre - Ray Yoyo

I have this yo-yo listed on eBay. Buy it here for $125 or bid on eBay for it.
This yo-yo was only thrown a few times. There are no dings or scratches, it is like new. This yo-yo is very stable and has a very long spin time. With lateral caps it is great for finger spins. It is unresponsive, but easily customized.

It is a beautiful yo-yo and comes with clear caps, suction cup to remove caps, polishing cloth, box, and manga book. It cost $175 new and is no longer available.

From the YoYo Expert review:
The Eclipse Ogre is a tremendous improvement over the Stealth Ogre. It’s fun, its performance is customizable, and it is unique. It would make an excellent 3A yo-yo and would fit certain styles of 1A and 5A as well. If you are looking for just another 66/55/43 type yo-yo, then look elsewhere. But if you want a fun, inexpensive bimetal that not only performs well but is unlike (probably) anything you’ve ever thrown, check it out! I seriously, seriously doubt you’ll be disappointed.

Release year: 2014
Weight: 66.83g / 70.11g / 71.84g (without mirror caps / with mirror caps / with Yoyojam Lateral Caps)
Diameter: 58.06mm
Width: 40.67mm
Trapeze Width: 39mm
Body Material: 7075 Aluminum
Rim Material: Brass
Bearing: Concave 10-ball size C bearing
Response: IrPad

Ebay listing has ended. Buy it here for $100 plus shipping.