Stunt Pegs

Onedrop Stunt Pegs-can’t find em anywhere. Anyone have a place with them in stock? I really want a pair…

What are stunt pegs?

These bad boys!

onedrop side effects


Those are sweet!

I know! I saw the video and now I really want a pair.

What do they do

Did you see the video? If you did, it should be pretty obvious.
basically, during tricks, you can catch the string on them and allow new twisting tricks not before possible.
I want a pair.

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Watch the video. It’s similar to an extended axle out of the side so you can land on them and flip an twist and do all kinds of things!

Welcome to the club… I want a pair of RSMs…

me too.

I am on the same boat… Stunt pegs and RSMs

They should be available soon!! OD dedicated a new lathe just for Sideeffects!!!

It’s on Thier FB page :stuck_out_tongue:

YES! Stunt Pegs here I come!

Those look epic! I wish I had a compatible yoyo.

Stunt pegs are really fun. I have a pair. The only issue is that when binding, string can get caught on them, causing them to snag up and over tighten the string. * also, one of the coolest tricks I can do on them is do a washing machine and put the string on the peg.

I might post some videos in this thread.