Stuff that's been runnin around in my head

  1. If you have been trying to get a hold of me and I haven’t responded quickly, my internet service is going to be inconsistent from now until, possibly April sometime. :-\ I guess I’m fortunate to even have internet here.

  2. A lot of new members are posting in the bst and aren’t posting in any threads. This really makes it difficult for us to feel safe trading with you. In fact, many of the recent scams have been by such members. I’d like to warn those new to the bst to be very cautious of such people. Please, please, look at the feedback and if you have questions contact other members to see if the guy is legit. Often times deals that are to good to be true, really are. Don’t let them hook you that way and never send first to these guys.

Those long time members that have high trade counts, that we don’t see often in other parts of the forum, are usually pretty safe trades. You still need to be careful and do your homework.

  1. Did you say hi to our new mod? We are so glad to have him on board!

  2. Some of you have been posting some great vids, unfortunately I only get to see pieces of them due to the internet service. :’( Keep it up!

  3. Many of you have been really positive and helpful recently. That is such a great contribution. Thanks.

I guess that’s all I have for now. I’ll be around as much as possible.