Stuff For Sale/Trade--LF Sugar Glider


I am really looking for a Sugar Glider in the Lavendar colorway to go with the rest of my Lavdendar OD throws. If you have one message me, I will consider trading highly for it or paying a little over retail for it.
For Sale Or Trade:

Old School Throws Resto, a couple very minor scuffs that don’t break the ano—$50 shipped

2Sick Promotion, a couple minor scuffs on the SS rims, little vibe, b-grade for an ano flaw—$45 shipped

OneDrop Yelets–GONE

These prices are listed as shipped within the US. If you are outside the US we can work a different price to cover international shipping.

Wants List:
-Kuntosh -Kubrik -Untitled 2019 -Clash Cube -Gorge -Sugar Glider (Lavendar only)


Do not sleep on that 2018 Sasquatch those almost never come up for sale!!


I’ll take the Luftverk!


Hey! Appreciate the lack of communication letting me wonder all day if I got the Luftverk or not. That was special, thanks!

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Thank you for publicly addressing that I did not respond to you, it makes you look like a great person with a reasonable attitude.


Common courtesy my young lad, common courtesy…


Once again I miss a 2018 Sasquatch :man_facepalming:


:upside_down_face: I’ll keep my eyes posted on the bst and message you if I ever see one pop up for sale/trade.


Common courtesy? Maybe he wasn’t near a computer for a while? I don’t think waiting 24 hours for a response from a random person on the internet in a BST topic is in any way unreasonable… just sayin’…

Now if it was 48 hours or more, I’m with you.


Sometime during the day, he marked it as sold. Not a peep from him as to did I get it, or I was too late, or if the guy passes, he’ll let me know. Nothing. Just common courtesy, acting like a caring human being. Should not be too much to ask…


Oh that’s fair. You mean there was no followup even though it was sold. Slightly different request!

I thought you meant no response for 24 hours, then a response.




Bump, new stuff added.




Bump. Still looking to scoop a lavendar Sugar Glider.