Stuff for Sale: OD, a/RT, CLYW, Basecamp, Recess

Few things for sale. Not really looking for trades, unless it’s for the following:
CLYW Sasquatch
CLYW Chief
CLYW Puffin 2
Core Co Standard
One Drop Code 2
AntiYo Bapezilla 2
AntiYo Ywet (I’d trade big time for a powdercoated one)

Here’s what I’ve got:
a/rt Squib $70
One Drop Marquis. Orange, mint with box. $40
River Bay Bobcat. $30
One Drop Terrarian. Hive colorway. $55
Basecamp Expedition. Orange. $65
Recess Joyride. Green. $40
CLYW Campfire. Yellow, few small dings. $70
a/rt Peon. $50


Message me for more pics or info.