Studio42's YoYo Orphanarium - LF a few models to adopt.

I am looking to purchase yoyos. I am hoping they will be in great condition. Know that whatever I choose to purchase, it will be going to a loving home and will be enjoyed by ME! I’m not looking to flip them, I’m looking to play them and share them!

I am also checking BST daily as well, but I can only do so much.

I’m looking to purchase various CLYW models: CLYW Gnarwal, Sasquatch and Wooly Marmot. Would prefer this item to be in as good of condition as possible. The main thing is no big dings, scratches OK, and still plays smooth. Preferred color combination is the gray or silver base with red speckle and black splash. Please be complete with bearing and response system. String not necessary, I got that covered! Don’t need to clean the bearing as long as the bearing is in good working order. May consider items with no bearings since I do have Terrapin X bearings around.
Since I am not clued in to CLYW’s colorway schemes, pictures are necessary or point me to an example picture.

Looking for One Drop side effects.

Also looking for two Crucial Tres Leches, which seem to command $50 EACH shipped for ones in great condition.

Other items of interest:
Please note I am more into blue items as much as possible. Favorite color and all. Other colors for consideration are white, gray and black. Other colors may be considered. So, I’ll let people make offers of things not requested including brands I haven’t listed. I will entertain bundle deals, but please be willing to break them up. If not, I understand.

So, here’s a list of yoyo’s I’m looking to adopt, not that it makes any sense:
YYF Northstar blue with black rings. Minor scuffs OK, cracks aren’t.
YYF dv888, aqua highly preferred, gray OK.
YYJ Unleashed in white. Pairs OK. Must have a white one in any pairs.
YYJ DM2 in Red, white, clear, and black. Do they make it in black? No cracks, please! Slim bearing not needed but would be great if you have it.
Tom Kuhn RD-1(This is your fault hadoq! Now I gotta get one!)
SPYY Ronin, blue with black acid wash preferred
Timcor Starfire
ILYY Noctu
String Theory Bandit, black
Chico YoYo Company Heavy Hitter, Blue
May entertain other One Drop, YYF and YYJ models.

Interested in YYR Sleipnir, Clash(blue), Dreadnaught(silver, 68 grams), but prices might be too high.

Please, NO Yomega. Just not interested in that brand, got all I want from them for now but may consider the Maverick. Not really interested in Duncan either. However, might consider metals: Raptor and Metal Zero.

Is what you want to sell not listed? I might be interested in stuff I didn’t specifically mention. I’ll entertain any offers. I can’t make promises. Photos, asking price and description please! Metals, plastic, bi-metals, any brands. I guess I’m not picky, I like anything I can throw.

Also, keep in mind, monthly budget for the Orphanarium varies from month to month. Rest assured, any items that end up here will be given a good home and will be thrown frequently in order to maintain the yoyo’s happiness and well being.

I can also be reached on the IRC/chatroom. We’ll just move to a private channel after connecting up on #yoyoexpert or the yoyoexpert trade channel. This is great if you prefer to negotiate in real time.

I pay via Paypal up front in full. You can send me a paypal invoice or you can provide your Paypal address information. As the buyer, it is my responsibility to send payment before any goods are shipped.
I request USPS Priority Mail small box for shipping with insurance to cover final price and tracking number, sent within 10 days of payment unless previous arrangements are made.
First class or parcel post is fine too, but I still request tracking and insurance, so please factor that into your asking prices. Since I’m BUYING and not trading, we’re not trading “shipping services”. My main concern is it gets here safe.

I am somewhat new to Buy/Sell/Trade, but I have completed a few deals, just awaiting being ranked by them. I was the buyer in each case. Got no problem providing contact information.

A couple of modest requests:
Please PM me any offers, and please include your asking price(s). If you don’t have an asking price, it just slows things down. I’m easy to deal with, I just like to be efficient.
If you could put in a subject for tracking purposes, that would be great, but if not I’ll change it for my reply to track the conversation.
Pictures would be fantastic and are always appreciated.
I may be interested in other items. Feel free to give it a try. Just keep in mind my favorite colors are blue, white, black, silver or grey. Might consider other colors, but those are my preferred. You never know what I might be looking for. Not looking for trades unless it’s your yoyo(s) for my cash.

Thanks for your time. I look forward to working with those of you who have items for sale to offer.

Bump for this new concept of buying your gently loved and used yoyos and providing them a forever home in MY home!

Don’t have anything to sell, but I must say this is the most thought out, well written, awesome LF post I have ever seen.

free bump for an amazing LF thread

Budget for the Orphanarium for October has been set. Sorry, this number isn’t being shared, but there is a number set. Once the budget is used up, you’ll have to wait until November.

Studio42’s YoYo Orphanarium is looking for the following items in good condition:

YYF Northstar blue with black rings. Minor scuffs OK, cracks aren’t.
YYF dv888, aqua preferred, gray OK. Scratches and other damage must be very minor
As always, pictures preferred.
Looking to adopt rather quickly or I may use funding for NEW ones instead.

Terms are Paypal in advance, you ship with USPS. Priority Mail is preferred, First Class acceptable. Please use delivery confirmation. We’re not trading shipping, so as long as it gets here safe, that’s my main concern.

Also, the Orphanarium is looking for the following CLYW model:
Sasqatch. Pictures and description needed. Pictures mainly to help with color choices.

If you need cash fast for your yoyos, this is the place to go. I’m easy to work with and have developed a reputation for paying fast. Thank you for your offers.

I’m working on a web site for the yoyo stuff in my .info domain. Still in the planning stages.

Bump. The Orphanarium is still looking to adopt. Right now, we’re looking to give a good final home to a CLYW Sasquatch.(my home)

Please, provide photo and a brief personality profile that includes a description of the item’s condition in a PM. Thank you so much.

Also looking for a Phenom. Either of the blues or the gold with nickel.

Thank you so much for reading. I’m still interested in adopting other items, but these are the top 2 at the moment.

Pm’d. Please reply!

Out of respect to the yoyos that may be on their way to new homes, I would prefer to handle all correspondence through PM only and not via the public portion of the forum. I don’t think the yoyos would appreciate it if they knew they were being bartered. They can read your public postings, but not your PM’s.

Right now, the Orphanarium is closed to new offers. No new funding will be available until November, and I think in November, I am going to be gone on vacation, so I need to allocate funds for my vacation.

I will entertain offers at the moment only for a CLYW Sasquatch or a YYJ Phenom.

Other items of interest are a Northstar and dv888, both in blue. I’ll consider a dv888 in the gray though.

Thank you. I only intended to have this posting be bumped once a month. I’ll go lock the thread now.