stuck something...

(Astrojax) #1

i have a speedmaker, and i stuck this metal spacer thing that wasn’t a spacer, and it won’t come out it’s like really in there, you can’t pry it out or nothing any help?


Really need pics.



use a needle or something, should help

(Astrojax) #4

no not shims it is something metal, a washer! yeah, a washer i can’t get it out super glue it to a rod and pull the rod? weld it?

(Mark) #5

Needle. Also, no superglue or welding. I need to see some pictures in order to help you.

(Astrojax) #6

needle? it is on the bearing seat the needle would snap in an instant. it is just a metal washer that won’t come out it is flat in there


Do this Try everything you can think of. If you still can’t get it out send it to me and I’ll remove it no charge. I’ll just need return shipping.