Strummol8 Giulia advice

Hey guys. I would normally ask this sort question of the company but I guess this is the next best place.
First off this top is AMAZING, I was doing tricks in a matter of minutes that I’d been attempting for long time on my old Trompo.
The problem I’m having is the tip is SHARP. Really sharp. Like it actually hurts to catch it, I have pock marks in my hands from throwing it for an hour last night, my wife asked me to drop it in her hand and she squealed and dropped it on the floor sharp.
I wondering if a. this is normal? and b. there is anything I can do about it?

Yes, they are the best bearing tops ever. And, yes, the tips are very sharp.
Many people dull them with a file as soon as they get them.
I leave mine pointy as it is better for control at the end of the finger, for example. Your choice.

A few swipes with a fingernail file makes a huge difference. They are quite sharp when new, most people can’t deal with the pain and dull the tips just a tiny bit.

Thanks for the advice Ta0 and kevinm, just before I go file the tip can I check your hands are made of normal human flesh? No prosthetics or hook hands or anything?

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The s8 I got last year at worlds actually drew blood on multiple occasions… they’re stupidly sharp.

It’s not like my hands are made of silk, more like leather… I get having a good point, but yea, bit much.

A file fixes the problem easy enough though.


Hey Kyo,
I remember you from the old II forums! I used to throw a phi back in the day, good to see you still around.

I haven’t drawn blood yet but I did put a hole in a leather shoe by dropping the top on my foot.

Yea I remember you, I’ve been around a really long time… it weirds me out when I meet kids from this board who weren’t alive yet when I started throwing :slight_smile:


And they’re better than you :-
well maybe not you, but definitely me!

definitely me as well… I stopped really trying to learn new tricks probably 10 years ago… I think I pick up something new about once or twice a year.