Stripping a No Jive is way harder than stripping aluminum...

Decided to try stripping a paint chipped No Jive tonight. I’m semi happy with the results. A little too aggressive with the sandpaper and I couldn’t get every bit of the old blue paint out on one side. Might try adding some stain and lacquer for fun tomorrow.

Good learning experience though. I might try modding the other paint chip No Jives in the future.

Before (solid blue No Jive)


That looks very nice!

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If I can recall tk made a run of no jives similar to what you did they were called clean machines

Looks good! The wood looks better natural! Try Acetone next time lol

Nice. Looks like a old yoyo. I liked the red with black stripe, I hope you didn’t strip them all other than the black one.

It is an old yoyo.

Nope I only stripped this blue one. I’ll probably strip another couple of them,but not all. Maybe the black ones with paint chips.

I have a couple cool ideas for the stripped ones. :wink:


Finish them in nitro…

I know, I meant just the regular Wood vs. the color/stripe makes it look “Older”.