String Recommendation


My friend loves candy wires and I still have to try them but I want something that is good for slacks and whips and something that is good for fast play. Thanks!


Big Yoyo String makes a variety of strings, and I’m sure there is one that will suit your needs! PM me for more info! It sounds like you would like candy string or Slix (designed by a forum member, Proboscis)!

(Waylon) #3

Or Candy Slix :slight_smile:


Twisted stringz type a1


Kitty String is very popular. I’m still looking to try some, though, so I can’t put my own opinion forward.


Type X and Ammo by YYSL would suit your needs. Both hold tension extremely well and whip and slack beautifully. Ammo for wider gapped throws, Type X for thinner. :slight_smile: