String mafia

I am working on a deal with string mafia and he hasn’t been logged in for a few days. Does anyone know how i can contact him? PM me with answers. Thanks

Same with me. I paid him $45 and he isnt answering me

I hope all you guys know he’s a scammer. Name is Tyler Jones Eli, he owned the company Mafia Strings, who took money from people buying strings but never sent out the payment.

Edit: Something weird happened, I just came home to a bunch of string sent to me. I supposedly thought we weren’t doing the deal, according to him he did not want too since he would have had to ship first.

never trust the mafia…

Thank you so much for letting me know guys.

Here’s his last post, from March 12…,82766.0.html

Sending all the strings to Username1, he sent the payment as a gift, so he wasn’t able to claim it back.