String Burn Live! - EP 39 - Enigma (Production) - Tomorrow 11 AM Central

Tomorrow is going to be killer! String Burn LIVE! What are we reviewing?! None other than the production version (oh yeah!) version of the Enigma by ILYY.

Will we have voice mails? Oh yeah!

Will we have emails? You know it!

Tomorrow at 11AM Central time, which is UTC -6 or…
• 12 noon Eastern
• 10am Mountain
• 9am Pacific
• 5pm GMT

Want to send an email? Please do! Send them straight to

Want to call us and leave a voice mail? Yes, you do, we know you want to! Then call us at 210-STBURNL (210-782-8765)

Do you have any questions? Yeah? Well then come here and look around! You may find what you need!

Thanks for posting this for me Brad!
Just so you know, I don’t have a voicemail yet! So if you do call and leave a voicemail, odds are pretty good that we will play it on the show :smiley:

Haha, no problem Josh, and sorry bout the voice mail thing hahaha

Oh yeah… I forgot to mention that we are in the studio with John-Bot providing LIVE! music, and Alex Berenguel is going to be there… yes… that’s awesome news I forgot to mention.

I’ve forgotten to watch the show for like 3-4 weeks straight now, so I’m setting my alarm on my watch now… must see it this week!!

I hope you tune in, because after last weeks trainwreck, we are planning for a perfect show! Or a double trainwreck (is that a trainwreck 2.0 rim shot).

It’s on in one minute, and I’m on the site watching and waiting. ;D

Well guess who won!!! Our very own DanCDow!!!

i was just talkin to him lol but any who congrats danc

Thanks for the fun show guys!  I took some photos today and uploaded them to facebook, I hope you enjoy them!

Episode isn’t ready to be posted yet.  Neither is last weeks.  Both should be done before tomorrow.

Episode 39 is now posted for your viewing pleasure.

For those who have asked, episode 38 is now posted as well.