SBL! – Ep 040 – Heavy Cream – Tomorrow at 11am Central

It’s the unstompable return of String Burn LIVE! with everything you LOVE about the show! Someone is going to teach a trick. We are going to review a yo-yo, like the Crucial Heavy Cream. Plus your voicemails and emails and tons tons tons of news news news!

Tomorrow at 11am central which is UTC – 6 or…
• 12 noon Eastern
• 10am Mountain
• 9am Pacific
• 4pm GMT
• 4pm Reykjavik
• 5am South Pole
• 1am Pyongyang (is in the room)
• 5am American Samoa
(If I have any of these times incorrect please post in this thread… because I’m pretty sure they are right).

Please email us at and call us at 210-STBURNL (210-782-8765).

Any questions?

Yes! This might be one I actually have time so see! FINALLY! :smiley:

The episode is now posted for everyone that missed it LIVE!–-episode-040.html