Strict and Loose Interpretations


This is more a micromanaging thing, but I suggest that a new rule should be added:

“These rules are granted rights, if it is not listed here, you may not do it.”

Or something along those lines.

This is to prevent someone from saying “It doesn’t say I can’t do x”

A strict interpretation is when stated right are stated rights. Anything not stated is not granted.

A loose interpretation is when there are restrictions stated and you may do whatever you want as long as you stay within the restrictions.

I don;t exactly know what you guys want, but I just wanted to bring this to your attention.


Might be a bit too restrictive that way. In any case, I’d like to think that for the most part people can exercise a bit of common sense.



This is a good idea. Avoids loopholes. Might require some moderation, but keeps people from doing stuff they shouldn’t.


That’s our hopes and dreams. Doesn’t always work but we can deal with those on a case by case basis.