strange noise

So, i got a new yoyo with a ball barring (yoyo factory whip) and after a few days it started making a grinding noise, shortly after the Noise started, the barring stopped spinning all together.

I bought some long spin lube, and i was wonderinga couple things; 1 will this fix the problem? How does one properly lube the barring? And 3 any ideas what may cause the problem, if not poor lubrication?

That doesn’t sound good. You may have had your bearing lock up.

1: De-shield the bearing. See if this helps. Bent shields can cause issues. But I don’t think its this.

2: Since you have the shields off, see if you can blow out any stuff. Use a computer duster or blow really hard.

Any improvement?

3: Clean the bearing. Use mineral spirits, acetone or lighter fluid. I found acetone is cheaper than mineral spirits. I prefer mineral spirits but I bought some acetone recently. Dry thoroughly.

Any improvement?

4: Now use the paper method, where you stick small strips of paper between the balls and move it around. Repeat until they come out clear. DO the inside too.

Any improvement?

Try spinning it on a stick, pencil or paintbrush for a few minutes. Sometimes it will break through.

Lube sparingly at this point. A bit on a pin touched to a ball is enough. Use thin lube of course. Some people prefer to run their bearings dry. You could use a drop at this point just to try to lift out any grit and grime. It would require repeating the cleaning AND the paper cleaning method as well.

If not, that bearing is probably done for and it needs to be replaced.