stopping by YYF the end of the week...


need to be in Scottsdale later this week and plan on zipping over to Chandler to visit the YoYo Factory

will be nice to meet some of the folks responsible for making many of my best throws…



Say hi to Ben and Hans for me…Then grab as much as you can carry and run! :slight_smile:


I live in phoenix, I plan on getting over there sometime but I havn’t had a chance yet.



that’s the plan…



Off the top…

Ginny in Arizona, how cool would that be?
While he’s passing through, on a trip to the Fact’ry.
I bet that they’ll like ya, and you’ll make new friends,
You might even meet Tyler, and then Fact’ry Ben.
I wish I could go, and I’m super jealous,
But when you get back, you’ll have lots to tell us.
Is YoyoFactory an office combined with a store?
Are there big machines, used to make yo-yos galore?
If it’s all that and more, it would be no surprise,
I’m sure there’s lots inside a business of that size.
Like Chimera said, there is still a deed to be done,
Just scream the name “TotalArtist,” grab yo-yos and run!
I’m just kidding, I have lots of Fact’ry throws,
And still on a mission, for more as you know.
Throw a few yo-yos, and then throw another,
Maybe you’ll see the world contest winning Shutter,
It’s unengraved aqua blue, and the rims are polished,
Buy something Fact’ry made, with cash from your wallet.
Cause I guarantee you’ll find something nice to get,
But, most important to me, Ginny, have a nice trip.


I went to chandler last year because I’m planning to move there but I met Tyler and harold at the chandler yoyo club sadly I didn’t run by the factory


should be fun and I will take photo’s of course…

I will be sure to quote you:




Get me a competition set of Horizons and Shu-Tas and I’ll be set for the next few years. Maybe a few 1080s too. ;D Now just to send them to mulligan on or something to be re anodized so they won’t recognize what was stolen.

This is TOTALLY a foolproof plan


The yyf office is pretty sick, I have the privilege of living very close to it. Only been there once, but it kind of reminds me of what googles office would look like, except not as many crazy games and stuff. They do have a modern looking entrance complete with a ping pong table that doubles as an office table. Then the upstairs has a pretty cool yoyo display with all sorts of rare editions, and they also have a floor to ceiling window spreading across the top floor… Okay I’m ruining too much h right now, I’ll just let you go there :P.

Tl;dr the yyf office is cool