az yo-yo people

am i the only person on here that lives in arizona :-\

YoYoFactory is there!

where are they located :slight_smile:

They are located in chandler i think. I live in AZ!!!

Maybe it is Gilbert, but don’t quote me on that.

NO! Your not the only one. I live in AZ. Try yo-yo class in Phoenix up in Paradise Valley with the Allyoyo crew, its at the Atomic Comics near Paradise Valley mall. Some of Az Finest go to that class. Heck you might even see Tyler Severance there except this weekend he was heading to Cal States. Oh Yoyofactory is located somewhere in Chandler az. I don’t know exactly where.

I live in AZ as well just getting back in to it but i was hoping to find some people in the phoenix area to help with the learning factor as well as motivation :smiley:

where are you kei83 glendale or what thats where i am

Im actually pretty much on the edge of temp where im at is considered phoenix but like 3 streets down from tempe. Been here a little over a year now.

cool dude