Anyone in Phoenix Arizona?

I picked up yoyoing about a month ago. I’m probably about an intermediate skill level. I’m looking for more people to do it with. Yoyoing is fun but everything’s more fun in groups, so are there any groups in Arizona? i.

YoYofactory is based there. Contact them, I have a feeling they have a club of some sort. If not maybe you can just go hang out at the warehouse with them. lol
In chandler there is another group called allyoyo. I would link you to their site but they sell yoyo’s and thats a no no around here. Anyhow I know they have a club, and do school tours. a guy named julius runs it. I believe he used to be a proyo demo guy back in the day.


Im moving to chandler soon , i just visited and if your near chandler go to the chandler fashion mall on fridays from 5 to 7 tyler severance is there , you can contact tyler severance at or you can pm yoyopingus through the forums he will tell you