Can you visit yyf headquarters?


We live near chandler but aren’t sure if you can just go up and walk in? We would really like to see it. And where is it?


Give them an email.


An email would be your best bet. I’m sure they’d let you take a tour.


Actually, prolly not a good idea.

Jason Bourne works there; and you can just imagine would he could do to you with a Yoyo.



Beat you to death?


You sure can visit the YYF Headquarters… I was there about 10 days ago.

they love to have yoyo fans visit. you get to meet whoever is around and get a tour of the entire place from where they start with the ideas using the 3D printer, the art side, shipping and the whole thing…

they are great people, Tyler let me have his new signature to play with.

just a wonderful bunch.




Does Fact’ry headquarters building look like the logo, with “YOYO” in big letters on the front, and a smoke stack? :wink:

I will go there someday.



actually no - I did expect something a bit more “out there!”

because they are Avant Garde in their work, look and feel but no, just a plain front in an otherwise unremarkable but nice looking, tree-lined industrial park in Chandler.

it’s not what’s outside here that counts. these folks are remarkable in their true belief in yoyo’s and the people who buy them; we count with YoYo Factory and I was delighted to find my faith in this very small company well placed and deserved.



^ It sounds like you had a great visit. They posted a photo of you on Instagram, I’m not sure if you saw it. They are such a cool bunch.


Must find golden ticket in shutter box…