Stop In Go Dat Triangle

Anyone have a tutorial with a little more direction?

That looks great! imm gonn learn this on (Attempt to lat least) today! Man i love CLYW’s vids. vauge, but killer…

Well if you figure it out, let me know. I’m struggling for some reason.

Roger that! Ill report back after working on it today (im off and got all house-things taken care of yipee!!)

If by any chance you have any tips for Seth’s Repeterson, Id love to hear em. I keep getting my yoyo to bind up when i dont want it to and it bites my knuckles pretty hard most of the time… Every now and then it doesnt and i can get a few repets in but i cant figure out why or how its doing it, or how to stop it.

Ill report back with my findings later tonight. Thanks for the inspiration!

I can’t find that trick, do you have a link?

I figured it out, but it’s far from smooth.
I look like a chicken tripping acid when I try it, but it is technically correct.
Make sure you are hitting the back string when you go into each one.

I’m not exactly sure why it would bind, but I’ll keep messing with it.

in the words of Naruto “just give me one week and ill have that jutsu down flat” but in this case it’ll be this trick. Hopefully

My goal is to at least complete 1 CLYW cabin tutorial, just have difficulty processing what’s going on as I’m not keeping up and there’s no real explanation of what’s going on.



Ok so I got. Stop-n-Go 'Dat GT pretty well at this point. just need to do it a hundred more times today to ingrain it goood.
I had two issues.
The first part I kept missing that prevented the GT to form was happening during the switch.

Pause at 0:27
Make sure that the string is going around from the back to the front of the hand over the wrist before you hit the chopstick like setup and that it looks exactly like 0:27 at the time of chopstick landing.

The second part that tripped me up was the simultaneous release of both the non-yoyo-hand’s loop and the slide/release of the Throw hand’s wrist wrap. Make sure to keep the thumb in there though. I kept trying to do them at different times and it never worked. Did them together and like magic, there it was.

Back to the Seths Repeterson, I can do it NP if I give a reverse breakway throw, but still wants to bind up for me with normal breakaway. /shrug

If by any chance someone could give me a few tips on “I be a minute GT”, that would be most appreciated.

Havn’t got stop in go, but I figured out what is going on with the repeterson.
After the first string hit when it comes around and you pop the yoyo up to restart the trick, you have to move your hands apart horizontally.
If you move your TH down, or your NTH up, it will start to bind.
Which can be good because you can return it to your hand mid trick.
Just make sure you only bind when you mean to :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the tips! Ive got two more for you on 'Dat GT.

During the prep make sure that the string is going around your tethered finger an extra time before going over to the thumb.

Also when your grabbing it to do the wrap with your thumb make sure you are going from “air” to palm during the thumb wrap. It seems natural to do it the other way, going to your palm first then catching the string and spreading the hand back open, but this will yield a fail. Its a little trickier going the correct way to wrap it around the thumb, but this direction is crucial.

Check out 0:23 for the snap shot to make sure they strings are aligned correctly. One wrap around the middle finger with the string going to the NTH hand being UNDER the chopstick bridge string.

I hope that makes sense!

edit you were right about the Repeterson. Thanks again!

Thanks man! I actually got it up into my hand once, but then realized I didn’t totally know how to pull the loop to make the triangle :stuck_out_tongue: