Stop-and-go: String gets caught up on restart

The stop works, but when I try to do the “go” by pulling my throw hand downward, the string gets all caught up and everything locks up. My son can do the trick every time, and we’ve tried to go over it even in slow motion, but neither of us can figure out what I’m doing wrong.

I get the sense it’s a common problem. Any ideas?

First you should be using a responsive yoyo, this doesn’t work otherwise

Second could be that you’re pulling the string back instead of forward and you got into a mount that it won’t work in.

I hope this helps, but if it doesn’t, can you give us more details to help us figure out your problem?

Finally figured it out. On the restart (“go”), when I was rotating my throw hand down underneath to get ready to pull the string downward, I was rotating the entire yo-yo, not just my hand, causing the string to get crossed or something in the gap. I didn’t realize that the yo-yo should remain in exactly the same position and orientation as it did when stopped. Only the hand should move. Works!