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We are no longer picking a winner every month - but surprise us with a fun picture and you never know.  We might just send you something cool.

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I was going to take a picture before I washed my bike, but I didn’t want to give yoyoexpert any dirt😄

Airsoft season is starting up again! I thought I would add some stickers to my minimalist set up. If the yoyo stickers bring up any yoyo interest in the non-yoyoers, I have plenty of give away yoyos ready! *All of this is replica equipment including a fake gun and rubber knife; however, there are some pretty great yoyo stickers as well :wink: *


i was saving this for the stick it July contest but hey when is it
Not time to be patriotic

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Once again another yoyo case

Maybe this was deliberately taken down.

Crazy how big a collection can get after 4 years.

Since I gave up energy drinks (all sugary drinks) last year I pretty much carry this cup around with me everywhere I go so I always have some water to drink. It’s a great place to stick awesome stickers!

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Harley the Bulldog

HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY!!!:us::us::us:

I’ve been using one as a bookmark20181120_235115


I am way late to the party, but I lost my first sticker (years ago before I could enter) and just got one from a friend so here it is on my edc case.


And an Electivire!

Started adding yoyo stickers to my hand made cold air intake on my truck!! Just need to buy more yo-yos so I can get more stickers lol


There’s a relatively new microbrewery that’s a five minute walk from my house. One cool thing is that even though it’s only a five minute walk, the brewery is in a different state than my house. Another cool thing is that you can buy a mug that gets refilled at a discount, and you can put stickers on your mug.