STELVIA X-SP by Luftverk! - Extreme Stability Plastic! - Available Thursday 07/11 - 10am ET!

Introducing the latest creation from Luftverk, the STELVIA XSP, designed by Jeffrey Pang!

The STELVIA XSP, or “Extreme Stability Plastic,” draws inspiration from the FULVIA model, focusing on achieving a “metal” feel. By increasing the rim weight and simplifying the design, Jeff matched the rotational inertia values of a 6061 yoyo, resulting in a powerful and stable plastic yoyo. The high wall adds a playful, floaty feel, making it comfortable to hold and fun to play.

Terracotta-Red-Stelvia-X-SP Terracotta-Red-Stelvia-X-SP-02 Terracotta-Red-Stelvia-X-SP-03

Jeff’s color choices for the Stelvia are inspired by his time in Japan, opting for mature, inviting palettes that contrast with the yoyo’s aggressive performance. The STELVIA XSP offers an unparalleled experience that combines power, stability, and a touch of organic playfulness.



Tempting to try one of these out. Not really a fan of bigger diameter yoyos but this looks pretty sick.


This is on the must get list and I need a reason to make a cotton string order anyway


Absolutely agree. The only question is which color? I’m torn between orange, red, and teal.


Do we know if the cracking issues with the plastic Luftverks have been resolved? I just noticed that my 000 has finally cracked. It was hardly used and never hit anything.


Mint green for me


:cold_sweat: :cold_sweat: :cold_sweat:

(P.S. Thanks for the creepy “generative” erasure of the website name, Microsoft.)

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I love that pale orange color. The thing is all the strings I have will clash with that color besides the few white OTS I have.

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A reason to buy new string you say

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nope, these are from the same blanks as 000 unless im mistaken

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Ugh im getting one and i can not use it until the second day of worlds :skull: :skull: :skull:

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Any yoyos that have issues get replacements sent out for free. Postage paid. Email me with photo proof, name and address and ill pop one in the mail for you. Massive PSA (And please everyone help me spread this): if you have issues email me. Im not often on social media or forums so I won’t know about your issue unless you directly email me. My email goes directly to my personal phone.

For cracking issues - it seems the worst on 000 due to wall thickness. But for perspective out of the 10k units Ive sold about 30-40 replacements total have been sent out from people who have contacted me. With that said for the next run of 000, the hub has already been made thicker due to community feedback, so stuff like that I really appreciate!

Thanks everyone for the support for the new STELVIA project. As much as I pretend to be a big company, pursuing new technology as an independant person means often these projects break even or just get reinvested into the next run!



This looks sooooo good, the pastel colours are so nice, want one!


Agreed, the pastels are absolutely beautiful

They remind me of unfired ceramics.