Stationary/Opposite Suicide- PLEASE WATCH!

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Did that start out with a hook?

I like the trick itself. But unfortunatelly video quality is low. Could you make it better? Probably 2 things can help:

  • put your camera closer to yourself.
  • use string that is vividly seen on the background (i.e. yellow string and black t-shirt).
    Look at good example of tutorials making at

I’ll try putting the camera closer to me, but that is a black t-shirt with a neon yellow string, so I’ll do what I can with that

A counter hook or reverse hook or whatever it’s called

You mean (basically) a Slack Trapeze?

I guess, I don’t really know what it’s called haha

Overhand hook.



Good to see someone make a tut of it.

Sweet now I can try:p

And just so it’s clear, my last three videos weren’t supposed to be tutorials, so if you thought they were… they’re not haha

Haha, the channel name threw me off.

There, I changed it to Spinnovation Yo-yo Videos hahaha

And now it’s Spinnovation Yo-yo, because I thought it sounded better