Starter yoyo for kids

What would be a good starter yo-yo for my kids (7 yrs and 4 yrs) ?
probably something with a brain or automatic return.

They way I see it, auto-returns really don’t help you learn anything. Maybe a good choice for the four year old, but for the seven year old I’d say go for something like a Velocity.

hmm maybey a fast 201 for the 7 year old and like a firedog for the four year old

I’ve never seen the point of an auto return. I say what was recommended above would be fine.

Yes, auto returns help me in nothing. I’d say Velocity for 7 yrs old because it can be responsive enough to loop and unresponsive enough to do tough tricks when they get older. 4yrs old, he barely knows what a yoyo is so a auto return for the 4yrs.

Yes, that or a fixed axle like a spintastics manta ray would be a good choice. That is also a recommendation given by Dazzling Dave Schulte a number of times.

how bout journey?

I’ve been working with my 5 year old granddaughter. She does fine with a manta ray (fixed axle). The journey (responsive) gives her problems.

well i started with a DM2… but i dont think 7 year olds or at least under 11 should be using those


i have like 11 yoyo that are over 65 dollars i am 11 and i recomend for them

7=velocity or for off string bigyo
4= firedog or spinstar

Basing this all on the stuff I have seen:

4 year olds need something alluring about the aesthetics such as lighting up to be really neat in there eyes. A good yoyo that would provide the pure enjoyment with the lighting up pull factor would be a Spinstar. If they don’t care about the lighting up, a Duncan Butterfly, a YYF Firedog, or a FAST 201 would be good.

A 7 year old would (presumably) care less about the aesthetics and more about the play. You could buy a FAST 201, a Northstar, a Kickside, or a Journey. The options you have are:

a) Get an unresponsive yoyo and teach him/her how to bind.
b) Get a yoyo that can be responsive and unresponsive, and gradually build into the unresponsive realm. Then buy the better yoyo that can handle more tricks.

I would recommend a fixed axle yoyo called [YO]2 Triple Action that can auto-return, and in the same time just by clicking a button it comes back with a tug. It’s the first yoyo I owned. But i’m not sure where it is sold… Google it.