Start using hashtags

The thing is, it would be much better if everyone knew how to use a search engine efficiently ::slight_smile:
I’ve never ever had difficulties finding what I was looking for
I don’t think using #s is that necessary

True fact!

Also worth noting: the “search box” on every page of the forum uses a different engine than if you go into the main navigation, hover “Search”, and select “Search Forum”. The latter works better.

^ This would be the problem, but not only retroactive application, but no way to ensure it would be used consistently in the future either. To find theory review, it would cause more search effort. People will be searching #theory #review #theoryreview “theory” “review” and “theory review.” So to get all relevant information, it would cause them to make more of an effort…not less.



#guess #what


This is


While this isn’t going to work for reasons already gone over… the hashtag wasn’t to make it social media. It was to give it an identifying character that would be precisely located with a search. Let’s not flame the guy for something he wasn’t even asking for. :wink:

The hash is a known commodity these days, but the same idea could have (but won’t) work with any other weird character. Like the er… hat… character: ^someword, ^diamondback, ^floaty

What do you intend to find, every post ever?


Well, that is awesome.

Oh yes,


My guess is that people will start randomly tagging things, then you’ll be no further ahead because there will be 100 #silicone, #response etc. to sort thru.



#Ithinkitskindofagoodideaanditwouldbeusefulsometimes #weshouldtryit