Starfish can turn their stomachs inside out

(J. Lev) #1


Awesome vid and great tricks


Sweet video Xdohl!

Happy Throwing! =]


thats a sweet vid but how did you come up with the name it is very interesting

(J. Lev) #5

I couldn’t think of a name, and I just happened to know that piece of information, and it came to my head, and so I used it.

(202andrew) #6

Nice I liked the tricks.


Nice vid. But the name is kinda… I don’t know… It’s just… Whats the word… Interesting? Lol, great job.


that was good. I saw the name and I was kinda like worried if you were going to show a video of a starfish turning its stomach inside out. But now I’m relived cause you didn’t. Good job on the video.