What is starburst tecnoligy?

(Sorry for spelling)

StarBurst technology is yoyofactory’s response system for their yoyos such as the fast 201. Its basically little raised plastic pieces in the center of the yoyo. It shapes a star hence the name starburst technology.

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Okay Thanks :slight_smile:

Star-burst is a response system used inside various yo-yos, not just YYF. It became popular after transaxle yo-yos came into play and we needed something to “grab” the string to bring the yo-yo back to our hand.

Sorry I thought yyf had a patent on StarBurst. Its F.A.S.T. that they own. My bad. :wink:

yeah for example starburst is used in Hybrid response yoyos suck such as the Dark Magic and the Hybrid Hitman.

Off topic- This reminded me of a cafe, The StarBurst Cafe!