Reverse Starburst

any yoyos still use Reverse Starburst response. (if you do not know wat is that, google it)

So, are you asking because you seriously want to know, or just trying to impress people with how much you know about now-antiquated response technology?

Tell you what…

Now no one has to Google it.

And, no, I can’t think of any yo-yo made in forever that uses this technology. I’m pretty sure that when it was still viable only two or three companies at most used throws with this type of response.

i really really want to know!!!

Only cheap junk may use that. The only good yoyo I can think of that used that is the renegade.

Duncan holds a patent on negative starburst ;D

Yo-Yos that use a variation of this concept include:
Henrys Coral snake

Funny, I thought you were actually the patent holder on that idea? Or did it become Duncan’s baby after the buyout?


i think the duncan hayabusa uses it but the hayabusa has holes instead of the the cuts so i’m not sure.

The holes should be recessed triads.

You know, that would be an interesting thing to play around with… Starburst silicone pads…