Star Wars vs. Star Trek


I think since Disney is releasing a new Star Wars movie, and JJ Abrams is putting out a sequel to his 2009 Star Trek, we should have a little poll putting the two against each other.


i can see it now… triple digit pages for this topic… lol

(YoYo_Freak) #3

I love both…


trek… specifically, Picard

(DOGS) #5

I’ve been meaning to watch Star Trek but wasn’t sure if it was a worthwhile endeavor. Any specific series; TNG, DS9, etc.?


If you watch TOS, then you are prepped for the movies, which are awesome.


I’m a Trek fan, mostly TNG, Picard era, my mom was a huge Original Series fan back in the day, so we bonded over that quite a bit. But I prefer Star Wars. I mean… Put a Jedi and a Klingon in a room together, who do you think walks out. Lol.


lightsabers can’t block disruptors.