SR-71 and Prelude YYJ

So I went to Wizards Chest, and… My mom got me these two throws.
Can anyone give me a link or just quote a review on these?

lool… i was just at wizards chest the other day…

they charge like 20% more than online prices because of retail… oh whale =\

agreed, that’s why i like buying online. but i like trying each of the yos :3
Very fun, I was there on…Saturday lol.

You don’t have to pay for shipping or wait a few days.

Ok, back to topic ._.
Can anyone answer this?

Here’s a review of the SR-71:

I loved the one I played with.  Smooth, very comfortable shape, and a nice, full size.  I’d like to get one, but I already have a lot of high-walled yo-yos.

I <3 and support brick and mortar yo-yo stores.  They’re rare. :slight_smile:

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the sr 71 looks awesome. Good choice.

wizards chest isn’t really a brick and mortar yoyo store… only recently did they start carrying yoyos and even then, they only carry a few YYJs/Duncans… still a fun store and a good place to start learning about different yoyo varieties… although the employees there don’t know practically anything about yoyoing =\

oh whale

So why do you want reviews after you already have them? Just wondering.

You never know what people might say in a review. “The axle is short, be careful not to strip the threads!” or “I think this plays better with a _____ bearing” or “It falls apart unless you put Loctite on the axle threads!”. Offhand that kind of stuff comes to mind.

I think it’s fine to ask for reviews/opinions of a yo-yo you already have. I figure it can’t hurt to have more information, unless it prejudices you in some way.

Sorry about answering before the OP could… :slight_smile: