Best yoyos around


Is the SR 71 a good yoyo for that price? If not than what is?


North star, or protostar I like them about the same.


looks like it just got released, if it’s still there next week end (from next week that is), I’ll get it, I love how it looks and it’s fairly cheap

go for it, post a review


Dr. YoYo’s review of the SR-71 might give you a little insight on it.


Any YYJ is great, i love them.So yes, if you dont want a sr 71 any of the YYJ metal rimed yoyos are good.

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It’s really good go for it


it’s designed by a freaking rocket scientist I say go for it!!!


Yes. Yes it is.


back on topic, SR-71, it’s fairly cheap but seems well spec’d, as said, I’ll order it next week end if there are still some avalaible by then.

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Now on topic, I want that SR-71 Nathan!!!