Square Wheels Yoyo Company X Owen Ekblad

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I am very happy to announce that I am officially on the Square Wheels Yoyo company team! Super excited about the whole thing and I see a bright future between me and Square Wheels. I hope you enjoy the video!

Special thanks to my family for always supporting and encouraging me to keep on throwin’, and to Blake and Jon of Square Wheels for putting me on the team. This is a dream come true guys, thanks so much.

Yoyos: Rockefeller (Orange string) and Rex (green String)
Song: The Perfect Space, The Avett Brothers
String: Fat Kitty String.

Not my best video and honestly im not super proud of it, but Blake really wanted to announce the sponsorship so I pulled this together in a couple hours.

Congratulations again!

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YEEESS, you deserve this sponsorship, your such a good yoyoer, and great video i love your style!

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Welcome to the team!

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Congrats! Square Wheels has been making great choices on picking their players.

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Congratulations :slight_smile:

People like you are the reason that I am proud to be a yoyoer and strive to improve my game (almost 1 year of it)

Congrats man :o

Awesome vid! And congrats!!

Thanks everyone so much! It means a lot :slight_smile:

Congrats man! I hope you can help square wheels grow as a company and reach newer hights!

Congratulations! I was actually expecting you to be sponsored especially after the ‘Below my Feet’ video which received a huge response. By the way, I hope you do well with Square Wheels! ;D

Same! Congrats!

Thank you guys so much!


I just KNEW someone would pick you up sometime! You totally deserved it. -Ethan


Congrats man1 :smiley: