Square Wheels Presents: The Nomad

(Owen) #1

Signature of Shane Lubecker. Coming soon to theaters near you!

(velez_adrian) #2

I really want one but I don’t have money. :frowning: I tried it at mwr and at mn states. It’s really good.

(velez_adrian) #3

Such a sick color way by the way. Ooooooooo.


Looks goooood
Any info on the missing link?


I’m right here.


Which one?


Protos had a painfully sharp spike. Where did that little monstrous thing of beauty go?


Square Wheels should present a ‘gap view’. That way people would actually get a better idea of how the yoyo is shaped.

(major_seventh) #9

Maybe it’s supposed to be more of a teaser.

(velez_adrian) #10

It has an organic shape. It’s really nice. It’s not that heavy either. It’s a little big but the right size.

(Owen) #11

Oh the spike is still sharp, just it wont draw blood lol.


It’s not the first on the agenda but it’s coming along.