SPYY - Supra - Gold Dust


Which side of my Gold Dust Supra looks better? This one is subtle.

SupraGoldDust by TotalArtist Yoyos, on Flickr


I like how subtle the right is.


Somehow…I knew someone would appreciate the right for that reason.


wow!what an awsome coat of paint
if you did,your AMAZING I think I might want one of my yoyos done by you :o


I wish I did, but it’s not in my skillset. I’m not sure who did that work for SPYY, but it does look great.


I need to get my hands on one of your cool lether holders because I like yours more than the other options
how do you make them look so good

(Erik Kerber ) #7

I say left

Thats a really nice looking throw TA


Thank you. I think it’s all in the attention to detail, and choosing the right quality parts, and ones that look great together. Presenting a customer with something that looks great, sturdy and long lasting makes things easier. Each one is hand made, not machine made, and I think people can tell when they have something different.


Thanks Erik,
It was not the one I offered as a prize in the last contest, that one is the same exact color, but more like two of the right side together.

(Erik Kerber ) #10

oh thats why you were giving the other one away


Of course…if I have two the exact same, I’m definitely keeping the better looking of the two. Chances are, it’s like that with all my prizes. Snafu won an orange Echo. I don’t like orange, so I kept black and red because I like those colors better. Out of 3 Avalanches, I made the prize the one that was not my favorite. I kept a YYE Edition of course and a Snowday.