Owners of the SPYY Solaris......


If you have a purple with gold splash or silver with red splash, please post images or videos or just tell me how they look spinning.
I would just like to see how they look during a throw. Photos and Videos, please! :slight_smile:


Have you even searched for any pics?

(DOGS) #3

I google’d “Spyy Solaris”, “Spyy Solaris Yoyo”, and “Spyy Solaris Spinning” and got nothing. I assume there are pictures out there, though.

Just think of it like this: The clear with silver splash is going to look silver with a twinge of red, the purple with gold splash is going to look purple with a twinge of gold.

(Alex Fairhurst) #4

This tutorial has alexis using a purple w/ gold splash solaris. I think his newer videos show them spinning at the beginning in a closer angle. I could be wrong, I’m tired. But check his tutorials. Maybe he uses it in a newer one, too.



Thank you Pat, your explanation is much appreciated. I think I ll delete this thread tomorrow, because I found what I wanted.

And Icthus, I did google it, and got nothing. I am not a freeloader who relies on the forum to do all my work, and would prefer if you did not think that of me. I have received nothing but kind people and responses from this forum, and do not like to be treated as if I’m below you or a lazy freeloader, because I’m anything but that.

And AFairhurst, yeah, I watch AJV’s videos, and couldn’t really get a good view of it spinning.
Thank you for the help though.


It was just a question. So many people don’t even think to do a search. I don’t think you are below me at all. That is an automatic question. It just happens. I have nothing but respect for you. You have shown me no reason to think you are a freeloader. Just because someone asks a question like that doesn’t mean anything. I did a search too and got nothing. Why are so many people on edge these days?


Thank you, Ichtus. I am sorry if I appeared on edge in my post. I am a kid, and have been made fun of and insulted more than I should have, and was angry in my thinking that it was happening again in one of my favorite places, this forum. I now realize you meant me no insult, and apologize. Thank you for not blowing your top at what I now realize was an insolent, unnecessarily negative and offensive post.
Thank you again, and I apologize.
See you around the forums, Ichtus, and I promise I won’t be as on edge next time! :wink:


No worries little brother. It’s all good. :wink:


This so annoying, I remember saying that my protostar was smooth in a protostar vibe fixing thread, and got “snapped” at by someone saying no one asked me and that a yoyo can vibe but be smooth. It was a while ago, but still.