Does anyone have any idea how I could find a SPYY Radian Super Light?

I missed my window of opportunity when they came out, and now I can’t find one ANYWHERE.

If anyone knows where I might find one, please let me know…



Not a chance, bro.

The best you can do is hit a couple other big yo sites (I’m sure you know the ones) and put a request out in their trading forums.

Sorry to bear bad news… :-\

the come up pretty regularly on b/s/t, and relatively inexpensively.


and you should get one if it’s within your means. :wink:

Thanks, guys. I know I’m probably up the creek without a boat…

Got any advice on which b/s/t site I should look at?

Always the biggest First (YYN) then work down to smaller (TheYoStore). Sorry for metioning other sites!!


evan I think its ok to mention other sites just dont post too many links if they arent on YYE or anything like that

but anyway if you go on BST sections on YYN and stuff they pop up every once in a while
infact a few weeks ago I was looking for a yoyo on there and saw one of those

but anyway

I hope this isn’t wrong to do, but try this:

It shows 1 in stock.

The problem is the shop is temporarily closed. The owner, Peter Thake, has a very sick family member and the shop is just sitting idle for now.
Good Luck!

Thats not wrong-- Quite the oppisite. If it was something that was in-stock and sold here then we wouldn’t appreciate it. Andre posted somewhere about this.

Yes, it is okay to post links to other sites. Andre isn’t an idiot, he knows he’s not the only yoyo site…just the best :slight_smile: It was discussed in another post that what we don’t want on YYE is to be having post to other stores products when Andre sells them. We need to buy what we can from here so we can support the gentleman who runs this place!! If they don’t sell it here, or have for instance the B/S/T part, then it is ok to post links to it.

Have fun and keep throwing ;D

Yeah, saw the one on Euro yo… Maybe when he gets back up and running, I can get the one he (hopefully) has. Until then, I’ll keep hoping…

Thanks again…