SPYY Radian collection for sale price change

OK folks this is the one most of you have waited for I am getting rid of my Radian collection, prices are negotiable I will only consider trades for airsoft equip. So here are the details…

Saturn Radian aka MK1 those of you that know I don’t need to specify those that don’t this was SPYY’s first production yoyo they made 25 of them. SOLD

Radian super light aka RSL with box SOLD

Radian MK II black #329 $175

Radian MK 3 FMJ Nickel plated #233 nick in one rim $165

Radian Gen 2 blue with silver splash $150

prices are shipped lower 48 I would prefer not to ship internationally but I will with extra shipping






wow. i have a few of those, but the mk1 and rsl are awesome. lmk if you consider selling them seprately down the line.

I agree… some of the best ever made. If I decide to split I will give you a shout. If you want you can PM me a offer

Wow. Please, write me next in the line after Ed, RSL is my unicorn yoyo, i`ve been hunting for it for ages :slight_smile:

bump… any more offers ?