Up for sale or trade will be my 2nd SPYY Radian Superlight. Its in what I will say near mint condition and not mint because its very old without box. No DAMAGE OF ANY KIND. It is a raw finish so there will be a raw almost brushed finish. I was able to buy one here a few months back mint in box and that is the one I will be keeping and a big thanks to him. Trades im looking for are Strum Panzer (any)
Oxy 1,2,3,4 only (I have all the others)
Clyw Canvas, marmot, peak, artic circle only ( I have all the others)
All trades can be MINT ONLY!!!
I will do some trades and cash. Or cash only.
Payments by Paypal only.
If anyone can tell me how many of these were made that would be greatly appreciated.
Rsl is still available

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225 SPYY Radian Superlights were made 8)

Thanks Buck,
Alsom im getting pms about the yoyos in the cases those are just for show not for sale. Just trying to show my other radian.

I have a Marmot on the way but the Rsl is still up for grab.


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