SPYY Pro |For Sale

I’m selling my Red SPYY Pro, it is an excellent yoyo and I would love to keep it, but I just bought a second in green and really don’t need to enlarge my collection further. The throw in question has a yoyo expert ceramic bearing and comes with a small pile of 18 nylon/poly mix strings I got with the yoyo (7 pink, 7 orange and 4 green). As for the condition, this yoyo was only owned for a brief while prior to the purchase of the second and hasn’t seen much play, though I did notice just after I purchased it that there is a 1-2mm scratch that is so thin I wasn’t able to photograph it properly.

I’m asking $90 (I’ll accept a reasonable offer) plus a $5.00 for shipping anywhere in the US or Canada. I’m currently residing in Canada, so it may take a little longer to reach the States, though as states I will not charge extra for shipping

Spyy 1 by greathouse202, on Flickr

Spyy 4 by greathouse202, on Flickr

Spyy 5 by greathouse202, on Flickr