One Day Sale! SPYY Pro-$85!

You heard me! One Day Sale! Come One, Come All!

I have up for sale a SPYY Pro. It is half green half blue, as you can see in the picture (very unique!). It has one pin prick on the green side, which cannot be picked up by my camera (which tells you that it’s pretty darn small). I’m looking for $85 plus $5 shipping for this guy.

Wants-Would Add Some Cash If Needed
wooly markmont
bvsm (I really want the new silver w/grey and red splash)
mmn (obsidian)
volume (white)
paper mache

Payment is through paypal as a gift. I ship through USPS priority class with tracking included. Thanks for looking!

i traded halves with him, trust me this yoyo looks amazing, this is an amazing deal! although i really hate to see it for sale… i love my pro.

Thanks for the kind words, Monkey! Yeah, the only reason I’m selling it is because I have my eyes on other things at the moment. I get bored easily. :smiley: But, he’s right, folks, this is an amazing deal and an amazing yoyo!