SPYY Pro, Augie fash Boss, Plastic grind machine, ocsillatrix!!!!!!!

Hey you guys i have some new toys for yuh:

Rec Rev b grade ocscillatrix… Good throw altogether just has 2 small scratches ,half blue half pink a really good combo. no vibe my top three.asking $70.00

Plastic grind machine… scratches all over but not to noticeable. no vibe. all around good yoyo. blue and yellow 2010.asking $20.00

SPYY pro… 3 medium sized scratches and scuffs in places because of a counter weight. but really it doesnt matter its my best throw. no vibe. asking $70.00

YYF BOSS…Scratches everywhere would be a good sand paper job very good yoyo no vibe green silver center. asking $ 50.00 SOLD

wants :
Monkey finger evil

All prices negotiable

pls. post pics of your yo yo(s)…