To become a Sponsor? A company and depending on what you sponsor, money.

To become Sponsored? Varies depending on who you want to sponsor you.

Not being sponsored myself (and far from it at this point), I would imagine it would take something like performing and doing well at the regional and national level competitions, being seen doing well by reps of a yoyo company, volunteering to help at competitions, stuff like that.

An obviously important thing is skill and contest potential. You have to be good in and out of contests. Another thing is repping the company, as well as being polite, kind, and having a good personality. No company will want you if you’re a total jerk to everyone.


Well if a company sees you as a good candiate for marketing their products, they will sponsor you.

before i answer the question, i think it’s important for anyone wishing to be sponsored to ask themselves WHY they want it. if your answer is any variation on ‘to be cool/respected’ then you’re looking at it the wrong way. being sponsored by a company is a commitment to that company. depending on the sponsorship, you might get product, money, travel accommodations, clothing, or more… but what that means is that you need to SERVE the company in the capacity you agree to. if you’re going to accept sponsorship from a company, make sure above all else that you can rep the company with absolute sincerity. if you don’t love the product, attitude, or service of the company don’t accept sponsorship from them, period. if you’re not of a strong enough will to walk away from a sponsorship that’s not right for you, then you really shouldn’t be sponsored in the first place.

as for what you need to do to BE sponsored… be awesome, be charismatic, win, make crazy videos that get tons of views, create tricks that everyone wants to learn, get hundreds of people into yo-yoing, or some combination of those things. cultivate a reputation as a great player among great players. companies and sponsored yo-yoers all communicate (for the most part) and they notice the people who move and shake the community. there’s always 5 or 6 up-and-comers who are being actively talked about - be THAT person. don’t ask a company for sponsorship (under any circumstances, really). also, if being sponsored is important to you, don’t be a negative/divisive entity in the community - some people really get off on pushing peoples’ buttons or being offensive. with few exceptions, companies don’t want people like that representing them. different companies look for different characteristics in their sponsored players. you don’t have to be a dominant competitor (i’m living proof), but you have to bring something to the table and yo-yo in a way that can’t/won’t be ignored.


wow ed, thats deep, but very good, and informitive.

A lot of companies will sponsor you if you are fun and not a complete jerk, as well as being a good yoyoer. That’s one of (If not the only) the Main reasons that DTI sponsors me, because I try to be respectful. Anyone can yoyo, but it takes heart to be able to realize that it’s no big deal, and that anyone can do it.


Yeah, DTI

i meant what do the letters stand for? is it a yoyo company?

Double-Take Industries :wink:

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No, I put that I was sponsered by a bike comapny on a yoyo site, just to let you guys know. :-\

It’s a yoyo comapny, they make the BASSBoost, great yoyo.


oh yes, i can obviously see it was your charming persoality that got you sponserd…

Lol. Relax. It’s called a joke. Just take 'em.
I may not be the most charming, but I’m not a jerk like most sponsered players Samad ;D :stuck_out_tongue:

1 too many jokes lol

It’s spelled sponsored!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Samad, stay out of this…jerkface :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s actually facejerk, but, whatever.

…You win again Samad.