Splash polish weird idea


Here is the idea,

Imagine a yoyo

Then mask off certain areas with a water proof mask like wax.

Then strip the ano.

Then take off the mask

Then polish.

That would be awesome.


It’s been done.


oh do you know we’re i can find pics


Saw some on YYN years ago but have no idea if I can still find pics. I’ll try.


Like these:




yes that was. The answer to my question. Thanks


I have something slated to be done in this arena that I know has never been done before.

Will have two versions done. One by me and one by England1414. If I get the time. ::slight_smile:


I believe the snowdrift smooth move and monkey fist were the same way


CLYW rockabully edition yoyos have a black base and raw or polish splash if i’m correct.


I bet I could do something like that pretty easily. Anyone want to send me a test subject :smiley:


The Wolf Canvas is probably the best use of this technique that I’ve seen.


that is awsome