Spiritus Sancti



Second video I made while on the Dead Threads team. Used a CLYW Puffin and DT Nylon (N-string) string.

*video contains one occurrence of inappropriate language


Use colored string next time, I could barely see it.


The string was colored



(NotATyrant) #5

Great as always, but you might want to keep your Puffin from Noah






Well, you’re no GregP, but you’re pretty good.


I wasn’t thrown off TOOoo much by the colour of yoyo and string, but I can see why the suggestion would be made to go for a higher-contrast combination (putting the colour of your shirt into the equation as well)… but… yeah, it was fine. I could see most of the tricks.

Some good stuff in there!


Anyone else care to chime in?


Soo, thats a no…




Last bump.