Spinworthy KNack XL for sale SOLD Please close

Selling this KNack XL (yet to be named officially named) for $90 USD shipped to the US. It’s very responsive. Weighs around 48g and is made of Cherry.

Ignore the Spectraply one, that’s for someone else.


Ooff this looks nice Glen! But I just ordered the survivalist… :joy: Would I be able to contact you in the future about making one of these when I’m ready? Thanks so much.

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KNack is already pretty large. Is the Big KNack narrower, but larger diameter I assume?

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Any word from KN on how the new response works for him? If it works for you, I’m already sold, but if he likes it as well, that’s even better.

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Yes, the KNack XL is 62mm in diameter and about 32mm wide. Bigger diameter, but thinner than the OG Knack. Its the same volume of wood as the OG Knack. The cherry one is about 48 grams but feels really powerful because of the large diameter.


His testers have only just reached the US. It will be a week or so before he has them.


That’s cool!

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